Day 5: It’s Never Too Late to Do the Right Thing!

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In the world of bed and breakfasts, where history meets modernity, there’s a powerful lesson that transcends time: It’s never too late to do the right thing. Huffman Manor Inn, a charming establishment with a storied past dating back to 1910, embodies this lesson perfectly. In this segment of the “12 Days of How to Operate a Great B&B” series, we explore the fifth tip: “It’s never too late to do the right thing.”

A Storied Past and a Bright Future

Huffman Manor Inn stands as a testament to enduring history and an unwavering commitment to a sustainable future. With well over 5,000 square feet of character and charm, this bed and breakfast has seen generations of guests pass through its doors. But what truly sets it apart is its forward-thinking approach to sustainability.

The Arrival of Solar Panels

As of next week, Huffman Manor Inn is set to welcome a new addition to its legacy—the installation of solar panels. While these solar panels will undoubtedly help reduce utility bills, their significance goes far beyond cost savings. They mark a milestone in the inn’s journey to reduce its carbon footprint.

The Power of Storytelling

One of the essential aspects of this tip is not just the act of doing the right thing but also telling a compelling story about it. Huffman Manor Inn recognizes that guests are not just seeking a place to stay; they are looking for an experience that resonates with their values. By sharing their sustainability efforts with guests, they create a connection that goes beyond hospitality.

Compelling Storytelling: Why It Matters

Engaging Your Guests

When you share your journey and commitment to sustainability, you engage your guests on a deeper level. You invite them to be a part of something meaningful during their stay.

Fostering Understanding

By explaining the significance of your sustainable initiatives, you help your guests understand the positive impact they can have by choosing eco-conscious options. Education leads to awareness and action.

Building Trust

Honesty and transparency in your storytelling build trust. Guests appreciate openness about your efforts, and it fosters a sense of trust in your brand.

Encouraging Participation

Guests who resonate with your sustainability story are more likely to participate in your eco-friendly practices, such as conserving energy and water during their stay.

The Legacy of Sustainability

Huffman Manor Inn’s decision to embrace solar power and reduce its carbon footprint is not just a nod to the present; it’s a commitment to future generations. It’s a reminder that, indeed, it’s never too late to do the right thing.


As you navigate the world of bed and breakfasts, remember the powerful lesson from Huffman Manor Inn: It’s never too late to do the right thing. Embrace sustainability, share your story with sincerity, and invite your guests to be a part of your journey toward a more eco-conscious future.

Stay tuned for more insights and tips in our “12 Days of How to Operate a Great B&B” series, where we explore the elements that make bed and breakfasts exceptional and unforgettable.

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